Faculty of Dentistry


Post-graduate external program on Periodontology, Implantology and Oral rehabilitation leading to a University of Rennes I diploma.


University of Rennes I and the University of the Philippines

* The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Philippine Department of Higher Education will be encouraged to take part in this project allowing for an accreditation of the said diploma as an equivalent of a Master of Science or a Master of Clinical Dentistry degree in the Philippines.

Academic year


Project nature

2-yr postgraduate university diploma supported online via a virtual learning environment and through a 1-week per year intensive clinical residential training course. A team of academics of the URI, Faculty of Dentistry, will deliver the theoretical and clinical courses.

Language of instruction


Name and Position of the Diploma Coordinator

Faculty of Dentistry of Rennes (France)

Dr. Jean-François MICHEL – DDS, PhD, Head of the Department of Periodontology

Faculty of Dentistry of Manila (University of the Philippines)

As chosen by the Dean of the Faculty

Language of instruction


Administrative and Educational Management of the Diploma

The diploma will be managed by the Department of Continuing Education of the University of Rennes 1

Objectives of the Diploma

The diploma is a high-level post-graduate training in periodontology and oral rehabilitation and is intented for English-speaking dental practitioners. This training consists of online theoretical lectures and study of clinical cases, with a practical session of 2 weeks per year in one of the Filipino Universities involved in the project (University of the Philippines if possible).

Its aim is to improve knowledge and daily dental practice, with the use of most recent technologies in periodontology, implantology and oral rehabilitation.


Enrollment of students coursed to the URI, Faculty of Dentistry


  • Students are supported online via virtual learning environment with access to courses and websites references.
  • Online clinical case studies with discussion forums and corrections provided once a month.
  • An on-site intensive clinical training will be held once a year. Students will have 1 week of lectures, clinical demonstrations, laboratory and tutorials.


1350 euro per year + inscription fees at the University of Rennes 1.


Secrétariat de scolarité 2, Avenue du Professeur Léon Bernard 35043.
RENNES Cedex (France) courriel :