Faculty of Dentistry

Cours Syllabus


Module 1: Oral Surgery and Medical imagery

  • Functional anatomy of the head and neck
  • Dental and facial anesthesiology
  • Microbial environment of the oral cavity
  • Periapical endodontic surgical techniques
  • Periodontal preparation of implant sites
  • Radiology, scanner and medical imagery techniques

* Simple clinical cases on indications of extractions; reading of dental radiographs and scanners; treatment planning for simple periodontal cases

* DIAPORAMA POWER POINT (diaporama JF Michel indications of extraction)

Module 2: Periodontology and 1st degree/level occlusion

  • Anatomic and functional examination of occlusion
  • Cranio-mandibular dysfunctions: etiologies, diagnosis
  • Role of maloccusion in the etiology of cranio-mandibular dysfunctions
  • Occlusal therapeutic
  • Occlusal plate
  • Prevention of periodontal diseases
  • Initial etiologic periodontal preparation

* Clinical cases of periodontal diseases involving occlusal factors associating both occlusal and periodontal therapy; treatment planning for complex periodontal cases

* VIDEO (film P Lemaître allongement coronaire)

Module 3: Perio-implantology

Periodontal and Implant therapy

  • Clinical pre-implant assessment
  • Homeostasis (pre-medication)
  • Different implant systems
  • Risk factors in implantology
  • Surgical steps in implant therapy
  • Prosthetic steps in implant therapy
  • Esthetic demands in implantology

* Simple clinical cases of periodontal disease treatment involving the choice of implant placement; steps of surgical and prosthetic therapy

* VIDEO (film JF Michel implant placement in the anterior zone)


Module 4: Periodontology and 2nd degree/level occlusion

Surgical, occlusal, surgical-orthodontic therapies: Host-response

  • Surgical treatment of periodontal diseases
  • Endo-periodontal relations
  • Ortho-periodontal relations
  • Role of splinting in periodontal treatment: techniques
  • Risk factors and periodontal disease
  • Host response in the evolution of the periodontal disease
  • Temporomandibular articulation / joint
  • Treatment of dysfunctions, occlusal adjustment
  • Surgical and surgical-orthodontic therapies of occlusion

* Clinical cases involving endodontic and/or orthodontic treatment
* Presentation of cases done and documented by the students

Module 5: Periodontology and 3rd degree/level occlusion

Surgical, occlusal, surgical-orthodontic therapies: Host-response

  • Pharmacology
  • Muco-gingival plastic surgery
  • Subtraction techniques
  • Addition techniques
  • Pre-prosthetic and pre-implant muco-gingival preparation
  • Guided tissue and bone regeneration

* Clinical cases of tissue defects requiring soft and /or hard tissue reconstructive therapy: gingival and bone grafts
* Presentation of cases done and documented by the students

Module 6: Periodontology and 4th degree/level occlusion

Advanced techniques in oral and periodontal surgery

  • Biomaterial of bone substitutes
  • Growth factors and bone metalloproteinase (BMP)
  • Bone grafts
  • Sample clinical cases

* Presentation of cases done and documented by the students

Module 7: Thesis

Surgical, occlusal, surgical-orthodontic therapies: Host-response

* Students will be required to carry out an approved project relating to a problem within the broad field of Clinical Dentistry (Periodontology, Implantology and Oral rehabilitation). The report on this project must include a survey of the relevant literature, and should normally be approximately 10,000 words in length, excluding bibliography, illustrations and appendices.


1350 euros per year + inscription fees at the University of Rennes 1.


Secrétariat de scolarité 2, Avenue du Professeur Léon Bernard 35043.
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